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Elise Wolff and other district teachers have joined Fuel Up to Play 60, a FREE school wellness program focused on empowering kids to make smart choices about their nutrition and physical activity. Why don't you join, too? When you enroll, you can sign up to be your school's Program Advisor, which gives your school the potential to access up to $3,000 in funding, as well as rewards for yourself and your school when you complete the Six Steps to Fuel Up to Play 60. To find out more, and join, go to Each school in the district is eligible to sign up and receive a $3000 grant to achieve the goals of this wellness program.

Parent, Wendy Fachon, Offers Healtier Nutrition Options For Baking

You asked for ideas baking, so here are a few...

My daughter made a zuchinni (not apple) crisp. I believe she found the recipe at - it was awesome.

Growing up, my mom made "Cheese Dreams" for lunch on weekends. Did you know that you can cook bacon in the oven, spread out on baking sheets and covered so it doesn't splatter? Probably a better method than we used somewhere online. Anyways, she would layer toast, bacon, tomato, munster cheese and put under the broiler... tuna melts.

Roasted potatoes and just about any other vegetable, tossed in olive oil, and playing with herbal seasonings. I have some great books on herbs, their history, use, etc.

Cooking pumpkin is easy (you,know, cut in half...), but where the measuring lessons can come in is in baking spiced pumpkin seeds. I made up a recipe where I whipped up an egg white and mixed in 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 t salt, 1/4 t each ground cloves, ground cinnamon, chili powder, and ground red pepper flakes (optional).

Spices have tremendous nutritional value and I have books on this as well. My daughter loves playing with herbs and spices when she cooks.You could have the kids work with herbs, spices, panko crumbs, and baked chicken or fish.

Stuffed peppers are really fun. In the summer time, we cook them on the grill, wrapped in foil, so that we don't heat up the kitchen.

Here's a project idea... Have kids research a fruit or vegetable... write two or three paragraphs about the nutritional value - Jonny Bowden's book is a great resource and I wouldn't hesitate to buy and donate a few copies for the class. This might be one use for the funds. (Yogurt, butter, and eggs are well-regarded in his book). Also have the kids research online at for a way of using their selected food in a baking recipe. Challenge them to experiment with three or four selected herbs or spices and salt to create their own recipe... Have a carrot cupcake war, like on TV.

The ideas are endless.

I want to do a page on healthy, but practical and tasty Halloween treats. (Wendy Fachon)