The StratEGic Support Mentoring Program

Program Overview
The Strategic Support Mentoring Program was founded in 1999 by East Greenwich School District social worker, Nina Mackta. For twelve years community members, educators and students have been volunteering with our program to promote a positive life experience for the youth of East Greenwich across all grade levels. We invite you to join us and become a mentor.

All you have to give is one hour, once a week. One-on-one mentoring, Homework Club, and special programs are ways to get involved today. No matter your schedule there is a way you can help!

Program Philosophy: All families and children have strengths. At various points in our lives we need support to succeed. The most predictive measure of successful children is the special bond with a caring and consistent adult who is available within a child’s support system. The Strategic Support Mentoring Program takes a holistic approach in assessing and planning for each child’s needs, i.e. social, emotional, academic, etc. Teachers, parents and others may refer children to the program.

The Goal of the Program is to provide extra support needed by many children that would ensure their academic and personal success over time.

Parents and Families are the critical link to the Strategic Support Mentoring Program’s success. Parents must provide consent and inform the attended school of their child’s needs. Parents can request mentors for their children. Parents are also offered resources if needed and the program is a voluntary operation in the East Greenwich School District.

Mentors have a unique role in a child’s life. Mentors are trusted friends and guides that support the mission of the family, school, and community: to help children achieve their goals, become happy and successful individuals. Mentors are screened, trained, matched carefully and supported in their role by the Director, Nina Mackta, a clinical social worker who is licensed by the State of Rhode Island and has over twenty years of direct experience with youth and families.

Program Outcomes were positive after the first year. Parents, teachers, mentors and principals reported undeniable growth in student self esteem, attendance and performance from mentoring relationships. The director, mentors and teachers work together, which guarantees smooth operation within The Strategic Support Mentoring Program.

Mentors currently work in all six East Greenwich Schools. The program takes place during school hours and includes 1:1 mentor/mentee relationships, homework assistance, Kids Care Club, classroom shadows and family/community activities. More than 200 students and 100 mentors participated in the program as of the 2010/11 school year. Confidentiality is a strict policy and a key component in the training of mentors.

For further information contact: Nina Mackta, Director at 398-1634 at Meadowbrook School.

Download and fill out the application to become a mentor today.